List of Homophones [400+] | Homonyms, Homophones & Homographs for Competitive Exams (2023)

The knowledge of List of Homophones is vital for candidates preparing for any competitive exam or government examinations. Homophone words form an important part of the competitive exams.

Candidates appearing for Government exams like SSC, RRB, Bank, IBPS and more, frequently face questions related to Homophones in the English language section of these exams. The list of homonyms/homophones is also helpful in day to day communication as well.

Hence, in this article, we have come up with a list of Homophones with examples. The Homonyms list provided here contains 400 plus English Homophone words.Along with the homonyms list, candidates will get sample questions on homophones and the list of Homophones in PDF Format for convenient preparation.

List of Homophones:-Download PDF Here

Table of Contents:
  1. Homonyms| Homophones| Homograph – Meanings
  2. Homophones List
  3. Homonyms List
  4. English Homophones Words – Sample Questions
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Homonyms| Homophones| Homograph – Meanings

Before heading towards the list of Homophones, it is important to understand the meaning and difference between Homophones, Homonyms and Homographs.

What are Homonyms?

The word “homonym” comes from the prefix “homo”, meaning “the same”, and the suffix “-nym,” means “the name”. Hence, Homonyms are words that sound alike and have different meanings. They either sound the same or are spelt the same, but their meanings are different.Two or more words with the same spellings but different pronunciation and meaning are called heteronyms.

Homonym Examples:

  1. Address – location/ to speak to
  2. Bark – the sound of dogs/ tree’s outer layer
  3. Band – a ring/ a musical group

To understand the concept ofEnglish Root Wordscandidates can visit the linked page.

What are Homophones?

Homophones sound the same but have different meanings and have different spellings too.

Homophones Examples:

  1. Altar/ Alter
  2. Berth/ Birth
  3. Cast/ Caste
  4. Days/ Daze
  5. Earn/ Urn

What are Homographs?

Homographs are words that are spelt the same but have different meanings. Understand it with examples.

Homographs Examples:

  1. Entrance – the way in/ to delight
  2. Bow – to incline/ type of knot
  3. Bat – an animal/sports equipment

Now that we have gained familiarity with the meaning of homonyms, homophones and homographs, lets us explore the list of homophones. Candidates need to download the PDF of List of Homophones to get the list of 400+ homophone words.

Homophones List

Given below is the list of homophones containing 30 homophone words along with their examples.

List of Homophones
Homophone Words & SentencesHomophone Words & Sentences
Aural -The Aural experience of the concert was impressiveOral- She practices good oral hygiene
Ascent – He began a long ascent of Mt. EverestAssent – They want the PM’s assent on the bill
Access – The elevator gave access to the top floorExcess – Do not take an excess of stress in life
Ate – The ape ate all the applesEight – We will meet after the office at eight
Bald – He is planning to go bald (hairless)Bawled – She began to bawl (cry) like a child
Baron – His mother is a press baron (important person)Barren – This hall used to be a barren building
Blew – He picked a tissue and blew his noseBlue – His favourite colour is blue
Band – He played the guitar in the live band yesterdayBanned – Taking pets to malls should be banned
Beat – Will he be able to beat the champion of all times?Beet – He loves to eat beet because it is healthy
Bolder – She is bolder and stronger to cope with the situationBoulder- He was sitting on a boulder when he fell into the sea
Brake – Use the brake to stop the truck or it will kill the dogBreak – The children play and enjoy during the break
Carat – He bought her half-a-carat diamond ringCarrot – Drinking carrot juice regularly is good for health
Callous – His callous comments make me feel sadCallus – The irritated cells healed by forming callus
Ceiling – The ceiling of the palace shone like gold and diamondSealing – The closing door sounded like the sealing of her fate
Cent – He was treated in hospital for 50 centsScent – The scent of the sandal is refreshing and sweet
Choir – She is a member of a church choirQuire – The scribe numbered the quires of the manuscripts leaves
Censor – The film got the approval from the censorSensor – There are sensor water taps in the office building and there is no need to touch them
Dual – The meeting with the Chairman will serve dual purpose.Duel – Do you think we should duel over this?
Disburse – I disbursed the EMI for our houseDisperse – Seeds can be dispersed with the storms
Dam – The torrential rain might burst the damDamn – She treated her badly and she will be damned to hell for it
Die – Doctors said she will die as she is suffering from cancerDye – She dyed her hair pink
Eave – The wild bees usually nest under the eaves of the buildingEve – On the eve of her birthday we have planned a surprise
Eye – She is blind in one eyeAye – Aye! you are right here and they are searching for you all over.
Fined – He was fined 10 thousands rupees for driving without a helmet.Find – I could find myself new topics to write articles
Flair – She had the flair for writingFlare – A flare of something went through her face when she met an accident
Franc – He might be from France as I can see the currency Franc in his walletFrank – She is frank and open-hearted
Gait – We saw the gait (walking style) of a Cheetah in the zooGate – The guard opened the gate and let the students in the school
Hew – The carpenters will hew the logs with an axeHue – The hue of the prism is like the rainbow in the sky
Holy – Kashi is a holy place and a tourist attraction as wellWholly – The claims from the insurance is wholly without the interest
Islet – The islet of Santa Clara is worth visitingEyelet – He saw the kidnappers from the eyelet of the wall in his room
Idle – She was sitting idle but did not complete the assignments givenIdol – He is the idol of all the young singers in the industry

Apart from the ones given in the list above, get 400+ Homophones words, download the PDF of the list of homophones given below

(400+) List of Homophones PDF:-Download PDF Here

Homonyms List

Given below is the list of homophones containing 20 homophone words along with their examples.

List of Homonyms


Homonym Examples with Sentences


Sentence 1: Take my address and send all the posts there.

Sentence 2: The Prime Minister is going to address the crowd tomorrow.


Sentence 1: I love attending musical band performances.

Sentence 2: I don’t prefer to tie my hair with a band.


Sentence 1: Her bat got old hence, she wanted a new one.

Sentence 2: Bats are usually seen at night.


Sentence 1: I love watching cricket matches.

Sentence 2: Sonam and Raghav make a great match.


Sentence 1: He has a mean personality.

Sentence 2: I didn’t mean to offend him.


Sentence 1: You have to take a right turn to reach that supermarket.

Sentence 2: Her decisions are often right.


Sentence 1: Rahul is going to buy a diamond ring for his wife.

Sentence 2: Don’t forget to ring me before you come home.


Sentence 1: There are majorly three types of rocks – Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.

Sentence 2: She constantly rocks him to sleep.


Sentence 1: She loves red roses.

Sentence 2: She rose to the designation of vice-president recently.


Sentence 1: It is not bouncing much because it has lost its spring.

Sentence 2: Spring is one of the four major seasons.


Sentence 1: In hunger, he started chewing on the stalk of the grass.

Sentence 2: He was detained for stalking a woman for long.


Sentence 1: I wish her well all the time.

Sentence 2: They used to walk long to fetch water from the well.


Sentence 1: Before going to school tomorrow, don’t forget to clip your nails.

Sentence 2: I need a metal clip to hold that wire in place.


Sentence 1: The result is expected on any date now.

Sentence 2: I hate eating dates.


Sentence 1: Make sure not to drop any book while carrying it to the store.

Sentence 2: I am going to drop this year for my engineering preparation.


Sentence 1: You have to fly to Delhi to attend that interview.

Sentence 2: There is a fly in my cup.


Sentence 1: He used to send me letters when he was away.

Sentence 2: You forgot the letter ‘E’ in the word epitome.


Sentence 1: I don’t believe in palm-reading.

Sentence 2: You can find coconut palm in Malaysia.


Sentence 1: There is a beautiful park right in front of her mansion.

Sentence 2: You can’t park your car in the no-parking zone.


Sentence 1: Don’t point your fingers at her on your mistake.

Sentence 2: He made a valid point in the meeting today.

Check the List of Synonyms and Antonyms for assistance in preparation.

Candidates preparing for any competitive or government exams can check other important topics for the preparation of the English language section in these exams.

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English Homophones Words – Sample Questions

To understand the prominence of English Homophones in various competitive exams, it is important for candidates to understand the type of questions asked in the examination, based on homophone words.

Hence, given below are sample questions on homophones asked in the English language section of various government examinations:

Directions: Out of the sentences given and numbered below, choose the sentence in which the homophone/homonym is correctly used.

Q.1. (1) The robbers seas the money in the bank/ (2) Tina seas three geese in the pond/ (3) The sailor travelled the deep seas during the voyage.

  1. 1 is correct
  2. 2 is correct
  3. 3 is correct
  4. None is correct

Answer (3) The sailor travelled the deep seas during the voyage

Q.2 (1) He is feeling blew today as he did not sleep last night/ (2) My dress has blew flowers on it/ (3) the waves were rising because the wind blew across the ocean.

  1. 1 & 3 are correct
  2. 2 is correct
  3. 2 & 3 are correct
  4. Only 3 is correct

Answer (4)The waves were rising because the wind blew across the ocean

Q.3. (1) He gifted a new pair of shoes to her for the dance/ (2) he ate a pair during lunchtime/ (3) do not eat the rotten pair kept on the basket

  1. Only 1 is correct
  2. Only 2 is correct
  3. Both 1 and 2 are correct
  4. Only 3 is correct

Answer (1)He gifted a new pair of shoes to her for the dance

Q.4. (1) Her bare hands got cold while playing with the snow/ (2) the challenge was to walk on the broken glass Bearfoot/ (3) he tortured her and she used to bare silently.

  1. 1 is correct
  2. 2 and 3 are correct
  3. Only 3 is correct
  4. None is correct

Answer (1) Her bare hands got cold while playing with the snow

Q.5. (1)She has to pay her library dews/ (2) the plants in the morning are covered with dews/ (3) Are you going to dew all your office work for home?

  1. 1 is correct
  2. 2 is correct
  3. 3 is correct
  4. None is correct

Answer (2) The plants in the morning are covered with dews

Apart from the above-given MCQ type questions, homonyms/ homophones are asked in reading comprehension sections/ spotting the error type questions as well. Moreover, it will enhance candidates’ vocabulary skills for the descriptive section.

Given below are a few important concepts based question and answers link that is frequently asked English language topics:

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Prepositions Questions And AnswersIdioms and Phrases Questions and Answers
Difference Between Principal and PrincipleDifference Between Program and Programme

For more concept-based question and answers and English exercises check theverbal abilitypage linked here.

Aspirants of government exams can check the important topics of other sections in the links provided below:

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Generally, candidates tend to lose marks in the English Language section of the exams if their vocabulary is not up to the mark.Aspirants of the upcoming government exams must carefully go through the list of homophones as candidates tend to score the least in the English Language section.

Candidates preparing for the various government exams can refer to the detailed exam syllabus in the links given below:

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Given below are the links that may help you prepare for the upcoming Government exams 2023:

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For further questions or information regarding competitive exams, study material or best books for preparation, candidates can turn to BYJU’S.

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