There Are Many Health Claims About Specific Nutrients. Scientists Use A Standardized Method Of Research That Involves A Process Used To Ask And Answer Scientific Questions. (2023)

1. Types of Research Studies and How To Interpret Them – Nutrition

  • Researchers use many different types of study designs depending on the question they are trying to answer, as well as factors such as time, funding, and ethical ...

  • The field of nutrition is dynamic, and our understanding and practices are always evolving. Nutrition scientists are continuously conducting new research and publishing their findings in peer-reviewed journals. This adds to scientific knowledge, but it’s also of great interest to the public, so nutrition research often shows up in the news and other media sources. You might be interested in nutrition research to inform your own eating habits, or if you work in a health profession, so that you can give evidence-based advice to others. Making sense of science requires that you understand the types of research studies used and their limitations.

2. The Scientific Method – Nutrition - Open Oregon Educational Resources

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  • Similar to the method by which a police detective investigates a crime, nutritional scientists discover the health effects of food and nutrients by first making an observation and posing a question that they’d like to answer. Then they formulate a hypothesis, test their hypothesis through experiments, and finally interpret the results. After analyzing additional evidence from multiple sources, they may form a conclusion on whether the food suspect fits the claim. This organized process of inquiry used in forensic science, nutritional science, and every other science is called the .

3. Questions and Answers on Health Claims in Food Labeling - FDA

  • Dec 13, 2017 · All health claims must undergo review by the FDA through a petition process. Health claims:

  • Health claims in food labeling are claims that have been reviewed by FDA and are allowed on food products to show that a food or food component may reduce the risk of a disease or a health-related condition.

4. Dietary Reference Intakes - NCBI

  • Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) are reference values that are quantitative estimates of nutrient intakes to be used for planning and assessing diets for ...

  • The development of DRIs expands on the periodic reports called Recommended Dietary Allowances, which have been published since 1941 by the National Academy of Sciences. It is expected that as additional groups of nutrients and food components are reviewed over the next few years, the process and initial models developed will evolve and be further refined. As new information or processes develop, reference intakes will be periodically reassessed in keeping with this evolving process.

5. Overview of Dietary Assessment Methods for Measuring Intakes of ...

  • Mar 11, 2021 · Accurate assessment dietary intake enables the understanding of diet effects in human health and disease and the formulation of nutrition policy ...

  • Measuring the dietary intakes of individuals for research and monitoring purposes is notoriously challenging and is subject to both random and systematic measurement error. In this review, the strengths and limitations of current methods to assess dietary ...

6. 6 Science Content Standards - The National Academies Press

  • Scientific investigations involve asking and answering a question and comparing the answer with what scientists already know about the world. Scientists use ...

  • Read chapter 6 Science Content Standards: Americans agree that our students urgently need better science education. But what should they be expected to ...

7. Most Popular Questions - Dietary Guidelines for Americans

  • Have a specific question? · Process for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2025-2030 · 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee · Scientific Questions for the ...


  • Standardization of specific methods of analysis and use of energy conversion factors may improve this situation. The USDA Nutrient Database for Standard ...

9. Using Scientific Method in Nutrition Science | Overview & Steps

  • Nov 9, 2022 · Like any other investigation, nutritionists will investgate the effects of food and nutrients through scientific methods. They will first make ...

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10. [PDF] Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025

  • examining the evidence on the selected nutrition and public health topics and scientific questions, and providing independent, science-based advice and ...

11. [PDF] DCI Arrangements of the Next Generation Science Standards

  • ▫ Scientists use different ways to study the world. (K-PS3-1). Disciplinary Core ... they are used in a specific scientific or technical context relevant to ...

12. Human nutrition | Importance, Essential Nutrients, Food Groups ...

  • Human nutrition is the process by which substances in food are transformed into body tissues and provide energy for the full range of physical and mental ...

  • Human nutrition is the process by which substances in food are transformed into body tissues and provide energy for the full range of physical and mental activities that make up human life. Foods supply nutrients that are critical for human growth. Learn about essential nutrients, food groups, and dietary requirements.

13. NHANES - About the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

  • Data from this survey will be used in epidemiological studies and health sciences research, which help develop sound public health policy, direct and design ...

  • The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is a program of studies designed to assess the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the United States. The survey is unique in that it combines interviews and physical examinations. NHANES is a major program of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). NCHS is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and has the responsibility for producing vital and health statistics for the Nation.


  • 2.1. Nutrition claim means any representation which states, suggests or implies that a food has particular nutritional properties including but not limited to ...

15. [PDF] Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Grade 3

  • scientific problem solving, and the contributions of scientists are used ... use methods such as oral response or artist statements to identify main ideas found ...

16. [PDF] Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum Grades 5-8

  • Students will use mathematical analysis, scientific inquiry, and engineering design, as appropriate, to pose questions, seek answers, and develop solutions.

17. [PDF] Position Classification Standard for Dietitian and Nutritionist Series, GS ...

  • Nutrition is the science of food and nutrients, their uses, processes, and balance in relation to health and disease. The work of nutritionists emphasizes the ...

18. [PDF] Space nutrition - NASA

  • You use the scientific method if you've ever entered a science fair ... We don't need a lot of each one, but they are vital for our good health.

19. [PDF] modules. The process modules cover the following topics - ERIC

  • Scientific problems involve specific knowledge and "how to" questions ... For example, in past years food companies used nutrition and health claims to appeal.


What type of research provides convincing evidence about relationships between nutrients and health? ›

Randomized controlled trials provide the strongest evidence of a causal relationship between an exposure and health outcome. However, randomized trials of dietary interventions have several limitations and are often unfeasible for ethical or practical reasons.

What is the science of nutrition describe the types of research studies and methods used in acquiring nutrition information? ›

The science of nutrition is the study of the nutrients in foods and the body's handling of those nutrients. Epidemiological studies, case-control studies, animal studies, and human intervention (or clinical) trials are all used to acquire information.

Is the scientific study of how nutrients and compounds in foods affect body functions and health? ›

Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses them, and the relationship between diet, health, and disease. Nutritionists use ideas from molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to understand how nutrients affect the human body.

Which statement is true about the scientific method as it relates to nutrition quizlet? ›

Which statement is true about the scientific method as it relates to nutrition? The scientific method is a set of instructions for nutrition researchers to develop and test new knowledge.

What type of research is used for nutritional studies? ›

Nutrition studies use primary research, where scientists gather and analyze their own data, or secondary research, when old data is examined and conclusions are inferred. The four primary types of nutrition research studies are animal and laboratory, case-control, cohort, and randomized studies.

What method is used by researchers to answer a nutrition question? ›

Several research designs are commonly used to assess the impact of a dietary intervention on health and disease. Some of these include tightly controlled feeding studies, randomized clinical trials, and observational studies.

What method is used to research and design consistent studies across the field of nutrition? ›

The scientific method is an organized process of inquiry used in nutritional science to determine if the food suspect fits the claim. The scientific method is part of the overall evidence-based approach to designing nutritional guidelines that are based on facts.

What are the two main types of studies in nutrition? ›

Observational Studies
  • Cohort studies follow a group of people (a cohort) over time, measuring factors such as diet and health outcomes. ...
  • Case-control studies compare a group of cases and controls, looking for differences between the two groups that might explain their different health outcomes.

What are the two types of nutrition analysis for nutrition information? ›

Nutritional Analysis Overview:

The two most common methods for determining the nutritional content of a product are Laboratory Based Analysis and Database Analysis.

What is the science that studies the relationship of food to the functioning of the body? ›

Nutrition science also includes behaviors and social factors related to food choices. The foods we eat provide energy (calories) and nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, and water.

What is the science that studies substances in food and how the body uses them? ›

Nutritional science (also nutrition science, sometimes short nutrition, dated trophology) is the science that studies the physiological process of nutrition (primarily human nutrition), interpreting the nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and disease of an ...

What is the scientific method used for in nutrition? ›

The scientific method is a great tool for studying nutrition. It has been used to set nutrition recommendations, understand how nutrients support health and learn how nutrition supports athletic performance.

Which of the following is a scientific discipline that studies the interactions between genes nutrition and health? ›

Nutritional genomics is the latest scientific discipline that uses modern genomics technology to study the relationship between genes, nutrition, and health. It explores the effects of nutrients on the entire genetic makeup (genome), proteome, and metabolome.

Which of the following terms is defined as the science of how nutrients affect the activities of genes? ›

The influence of nutrients on the transcription activity, gene expression, and heterogeneous response of gene variants is also referred to as “Nutrigenomics”.

Which of the following study types is considered the most reliable evidence for a nutritional or medical research claim? ›

Systematic Reviews and Meta Analyses

Well done systematic reviews, with or without an included meta-analysis, are generally considered to provide the best evidence for all question types as they are based on the findings of multiple studies that were identified in comprehensive, systematic literature searches.

What type of research helps scientists identify important relationships between nutritional practices and health? ›

Observational studies that describe factors correlated with human health are also called epidemiological studies. One example of a nutrition hypothesis that has been investigated using observational studies is that eating a Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

What is the study of nutrients and their relationship? ›

Nutritional Sciences is the study of food, nutrients, and other food substances, the intake and biochemical processing of food substances, their relationship to health and disease, and the application of this information to policy and programs.

What is the evidence based approach to nutrition? ›

This approach to nutrition emphasizes the importance of rigorous scientific research in determining what constitutes a healthy diet and nutritional needs and seeks to dispel myths and misinformation about nutrition that are not supported by current scientific evidence.

What is experimental research in nutrition? ›

What is an experimental study? In a nutrition-related experimental study (also known as a clinical trial or interventional study), researchers provide participants with a diet, nutrition education, or other kind of intervention and evaluate its effects.

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