VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Collapses, Health Questions Rage (2023)


--Hillary Clinton's health is in question after collapsing on the campaign trail and reportedly contracting pneumonia

--On the Bonus Show: AirBNB's new anti-discrimination rules, pregnant and paralyzed woman completes half-marathon, diamond mining companies going to sea, and more...

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You know what it's time to talk about I got the tweets I got the emails.

David you're, not going to talk about the hell, Hilary health situation, you're, not going to talk about Hillary, Clinton, seemingly collapsing and uh, hurt her feet, seemingly going complete completely limp in her having to be carried into a vehicle after a 911 memorial event.

Yesterday, I am going to talk about and I'm going to talk about whether progressives need to rethink the Hillary health issue.

Let's just talk through it over the weekend Hillary Clinton had what is being described.

But what was described initially as a health episode at a 911 memorial event as you know, there has been this narrative from some on the right for a while Hilary is very ill.

Hillary is unhealthy Alex Jones talking about an injector that some Secret Service guys carrying around let's start to take a look at the video of what took place yesterday and I'll sort of talk us through it.

Hillary Clinton, reportedly overheated at this 911 memorial event.

And as you can see here, if you're watching basically seeming unable to stay on her feet, okay.

And at one point, you actually see her feet it's, almost like the the the UH, the toes of her feet are dragging.

And it seems like she is completely, uh, not under her own power and I have to tell you that the narrative around the explanation for what happened here is not hugely convincing to me.

You know, I call it like I see it.

I am not the type of person who is going to say, uh that that there is nothing or there is something or whatever merely because of the political implications, the initial claim was Hillary.

Clinton was overheated.


It was in the low eighties in New, York, City, uh, it's possible that someone would be overheated at that temperature, but is it hugely hugely likely I? Don't know, the story then was that Hillary Clinton was brought to Chelsea Clinton's apartment in New, York City and not too long after that before, uh, too much time went by she left and uh was asked how she felt.

And she said, she feels great that she feels great it's, sort of quick to be feeling great, but ok, let's move on later.

We are told by Hillary Clinton's doctor that she has pneumonia, was she really feeling great if she had pneumonia would pneumonia caused you to collapse in a way where your feet reverse under you.

And you have to be carried completely not under your own strength, I, don't know, the answer to that.

The explanation from the doctor was that Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

Two days before this video was taken put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule.

This is according to a statement by dr.

Lisa bardak, uh, the explanation about the acute incident that took place yesterday was that Hillary Clinton was overheated and dehydrated that she was examined by dr.


She has rehydrated and has recovered nicely, although she will be canceling plans today and tomorrow on the west coast, uh, I, don't know, I don't know what to tell you I have been reading every medical opinion on this.

And of course, just looking at 25 seconds of video does not tell you definitively.

What the diagnosis is and of the the the explanations from doctors are quite mixed, uh there.

There appears to be something very acutely wrong during this 25 second video that we played for you a bunch of times, uh is this what some describe is walking pneumonia, where you do have an infection you are on antibiotics.

But by and large, you can get through your day and you feel okay, but there can be an acute incident where uh someone could completely be unable to move under their own power.

I, don't know and I'm being totally upfront with the audience that I don't know, what is going on here, I think that absolutely the overblown conspiracy theories about Secret Service walking around with injectors as alex jones, claimed, uh, no, I'm, absolutely not not there, but am I feeling like the explanation here, isn't, adding up, absolutely and as usual.

This could just be bad handling of the situation by Hillary's team right the idea that, oh, what let's just say that this was absolutely nothing and she overheated and didn't feel well, but then we'll black we're actually gonna come out and say that it's pneumonia.

And maybe it was pneumonia all along, but they didn't mention it until she had an acute incident because they thought because of the conspiracy theories, if we come out and say on Friday, Hilary has pneumonia, it's going to put even more attention on an issue that we're trying to distract from I, don't know, the answer, but it was very very poorly handled by the Hillary Clinton team, it's possible that this is just pneumonia that this is just walking pneumonia and the combination of the emotion of this 911 event and the 83 degree heat and a very very active campaign schedule and the pneumonia and the antibiotics altogether led to Hillary Clinton being seemingly unable to to uh exhibit locomotion under her own power.

I don't know, I, don't know, the answer, but what I am? Absolutely sure of is that.

Now the Hillary health story is no longer in the fringes of mainstream, uh, uh, corporate media and mostly runk, right-wing media this.

Now is a mainstream story.

I, anticipate, all of the major networks will be talking about this tonight and it's, not good for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Whatever is the objective truth about Hillary, Clinton's health, the video combined with the changed narrative from the Clinton campaign as to what happened here or maybe not changed, but narrative where the pieces don't quite add up it's, not going to be good for Hillary.

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